Whether you’re an experienced renovation builder or a first time home owner we are happy to give advice if required.

We’ve been doing this for a long time and can help work out the most cost-effective way to get the result you want.

Our rates to supply, fix and finish plasterboard on a renovation project start at $25/m2.

For friendly advice or an obligation, free quote contact Brian on 041 046 1212.


  • Built strong with seasoned hardwood frames
  • Can have high ceilings
  • Can have decorative features that add character


  • Frames arent usually very straight
  • Existing lining can be in poor condition
  • Layouts are not usually open plan
  • Houses can be small

Questions to Ask Yourself When Renovating

  • Should we replace existing lining or repair whats there?
  • Can wall and ceiling frames be straightened?
  • Should we keep existing ceiling heights?
  • Could we remove some internal walls to make the layout more open?
  • Does old plaster cornice suit the new design?
  • Can old plaster features be repaired or replaced?
  • Can the insulation be improved?
  • Is asbestos an issue?
  • How much extra do each of these things cost?

A lot of these decisions are not black and white and every project has a different budget and different expectations for the end result. It is important to ensure you consider everything before renovating.

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